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Whether you’re experiencing foot pain, you’re unhappy with your the fit of your current shoes or you simply don’t know the correct shoe for your foot type, we can help you find your fit. Even if you’ve already visited a pedorthist in the past, we recommend scheduling an appointment every year or two, as your feet can change over time. Fortunately, our appointments are free and we love to help.

Who Should Schedule an Evaluation

What’s a Pedorthist?

A pedorthist is a medical professional who’s specialized in modifying footwear and makes uses of additional supportive devices such as orthotics in order to treat conditions that affect the legs and feet. At Shoe Fly, pedorthists are the only employees authorized to fulfill orthotic prescriptions from a doctor.

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How Does an Evaluation Work?

First, we discuss any issues you may be experiencing and get an understanding of what you need out of a pair of shoes. We measure the length, width, and arch length of both your feet. We then have you stand on our iStep machine to get a more detailed analysis of your arch height, pressure points, and foot alignment. Finally, we assess whether any orthotics are necessary, then perform final fit checks when you try on shoes to guarantee a good fit.

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Who Should Schedule an Evaluation?

If one of these sounds like you, book an evaluation below today:

  • I have a prescription for orthotics from my doctor.
  • My feet are sore and I want a solution.
  • I have a favorite Shoe Fly employee that I’d prefer to see.
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